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Basketball Court

The project examines the design of a new basketball arena, of a 1820sqm footprint , that will accommodate approximately 400 seated viewers. The new sports center will be part of an overall redevelopment of a 7460.00 sqm area, property of the Munici­pality of Athens situated in the heart of the city. The new sports park will include open air activity spaces, such as an outdoor basketball court, playgrounds and activity parks, green areas and recreation spaces, like cafes. The new building is designed with an inclined roof, that can be used as a viewing platform for the outdoor basketball court. Regarding the interior design, there will be a discrete organization of uses and circulations, separating those for the athletes and those for the public. All the materials used, will be environmental friendly, focusing on creating a green zone in the city center, and at the same time technologically advanced to provide a modern youth sports hall.

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