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About us

Kion Architects is a new company composed of experienced scientists and engineers years of experience. Based in Athens, its activities extend across Greece and abroad.

From March 2008 started the practical operation of kion architects to date has produced studies and supervision for large public and private projects such as office buildings, school complexes, hotel complexes, has participated in international architectural competitions for infrastructure such as airports, sports facilities and office buildings. The company has also prepared studies and supervision of residential projects and other small-scale private studies and equipment for hotels and other similar facilities. The object of design but mainly covers services of technical consultancy and supervision of architectural work.


Our Services

Kion Architects through a dense network of partners other specialties can respond to Civil-Structural, Electrical, Transportation and Environmental issues that incorporates the object of making it this way "one stop shop" for people who trust the intentions of their development or their housing dreams. The company also provided the possibility of membership development activities on the relevant European funding programs.

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