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The main objective of Kionarchitects SA is to provide high quality services with innovative functional proposals in the following areas:


Topographical – planning studies

-Surveying land
-Surveys of buildings


Architectural Studies

-Presentation of ideas and proposals for each project.
-Architectural design (Preliminary Design, Final Design, Implementation study) Public and private projects such as building blocks, building facades, renovation or restoration of buildings, sports facilities, parking centres, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, road junctions service centers, entertainment complexes, etc.
-Preparation and Issuance of building permits
-Participation in architectural competitions
-Rehabilitation Study and reuse of buildings
-Architectural Interior Design
-Bioclimatic – Energy Planning


Static & Electromechanical studies

-Static analysis of buildings according to their type of construction
-Buildings proficiency checks – existing buildings Aid
-Electromechanical network installation or modification study
-Lighting Design
-Design and installation of photovoltaic systems (licensing, design, installation, interconnection, maintenance)
-Energy efficiency of buildings Studies (K.EN.A.K.) for new and existing buildings
-Environmental impact studies


Project Management

-Services financial and technical consultant at all levels (investment evaluation, feasibility study, preliminary design, tender, implementation studies, supervision of work, trial runs, receipt, maintenance organization and operation management, etc.) The execution of the project
-Preparation folders with technical and economic feasibility studies for inclusion in European, development programs
-Writing feasibility study (business plan) – sustainability of investment


Construction Management

-Supervision and Consultancy Services in Public and Private Works where effected cooperation with suppliers and specialized construction crews
-Coordination operations and maintenance schedulesa


Construction tender

-Market research evrimatiki- economic construction-Preparation of Tender Documents

“A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.” 

Louis Kahn

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