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Varvakios Squarer Development

The square opposite Athens main food hall, known as Plateia Theatrou, is redesigned in order to be used as an open air food market and cultural events public space. The square has been left abandoned for years, despite being located in the city center. The new mas­terplan aims to recreate the square as a meeting point and a rest spot for visitors and local residents.

All the green areas will be restored and replanted with trees and bushes that can be found in the Athenian ground. On the lower part of the square, next to Athinas str , a café with outdoor seating will be designed. On the upper part, the existing building will be restored and serve as a food hall.

Its outdoor space will be used as a temporary food and culture market, with diverse types of seating and 4 trucks –canteens, alternating vendors, offering various gastro­nomic experiences.

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